Today we will design some cool text effects in Adobe Xd using the Auto Animate feature. I have used masks and polygons to make these effects work. This tutorial also demonstrates how powerful Auto Animate can be if used wisely.

The first effect involves using the repeat grid feature to create a triangular pattern. I have then overlapped these patterns to create a mesh. After this, all I needed to do was move both of these from the left to the right of the mask, and Voila! A smooth, interesting animation is born.

This next animation is all about using the Confetti plugin to create a beautiful and totally randomized movement and scale. The confetti plugin can really help in creating some beautiful effects. I have just used a mask to mask the confetti.

The last effect is easier than you think it is. I have placed some 3 sided polygons across the mask. After that, all I needed to do was scale them up to fill the mask, while increasing the edge radius ( border radius ). At the end, I just placed a thinner font over the mask to give a border animation effect.

Here is the Adobe Xd file for reference:

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