In today’s video we will create some good looking scrolling animations in Adobe Xd. Scroll actions are not yet supported by Xd but there is a easy workaround for it. All you do is, create an overlay on the screen and put a drag trigger on it.

The first interaction is a horizontal scroll which uses drag triggers to change from one car to the other while switching between gradients as well. I have used a time trigger to change between the states and to allow the images to zoom in. A little delay allows the user to adjust to each page one by one, rather than having one continuous scroll.

The second interaction is very useful since it incorporates a fixed navigation bar at the top. This bar expands and contracts as we scroll down. It also changes from free flowing to a ‘fixed at the top’ component. This allows the list to scroll smoothly and remain under the navigation bar. This is achieved simply by turning on the Fixed position when scrolling feature in the right panel, while you are in prototype mode.

For the last one, we will basically use the technique which we have used for the previous ones. All we will do is add a rectangle over the image and apply a background blur to it. Since you can not animate the blur levels in Xd, we will simply change the opacity from 0% to 100%. This will allow us to smoothly animate the blur effect.

Here is the Xd file for download:

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