Responsive design is a crucial aspect of Web and App design. Responsive design allows a website to adjust to various screen sizes and ensures that it looks good everywhere. Adobe Xd has a feature called Responsive Resize, which makes designing responsive designs much easier. The biggest advantage of this feature is, that designers can make the software do 80% of their work. Having  basic knowledge of this feature can really help you design better responsive websites and web apps for that matter.

In today’s video, I will use a Responsive Resize UI kit to make my job easier and to give a quick start to this project. Responsive resize allows me to adjust width, height and even position of some of the elements in my design. As a result, I only need to add final touches to the design. However, this feature will not do 100% of your work. As a result, You will need to put in some effort to make the design look better.

Here is the link for the UI kit:

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