Andrew Shorten, the man of sneaks, has recently posted a series of videos on his Twitter of what we can expect from this month’s release.

The Adobe XD team has been hard at work embracing the spirit of UX by constantly engaging their customers and applying their feedback to their product.

Let’s check out what they have in store for us.

1. Guides

One year ago, designers from UserVoice requested this feature with 3,458 votes to have the ability to drag out persistent guides to an artboard and have other objects snap to it. To create a guide, it seems you have to drag from the left side or top side of the artboard. Having guides will ensure that our design work is always consistently aligned.


2. Polygon Tool

When Adobe XD launched, the only shapes you could draw were a rectangle or an eclipse. To draw a custom shape, you have to use Adobe Illustrator and copy it to Adobe XD. Three years ago, designers from the XD community requested the feature to have the ability to draw custom polygon shapes such as Triangles, Pentagons, Stars, Hexagons, and etc. It’s finally coming this May.

What is fascinating about Adobe XD is that they also took into account of how the shape would auto-animate between two artboards seamlessly. Sexy.


3. Improved Text Controls

Three years ago, Designers from the Adobe XD UserVoice community requested the feature to create all uppercase and all lowercase. A plugin called “Change Case” was made to fill this gap in the design tool, but the XD team is finally incorporating that into the text property window as well as the “Strikeout” feature. Neat.


4. Prototype: Keyboard and Gamepad Triggers

This feature is really cool for making interactive prototypes like SAAS applications. This is great when you want to create an application that uses keyboard shortcuts to work faster within the tool. Whether you’re designing a new email application or a new content management system, the sky is the limit.


5. Components

Adobe XD is going to replace “Symbols” with “Components”. They will be master components that we can override any property on instances and responsive resize. They also mention they will have component states, animation and additional triggers (including hover) to follow.


6. Fully Linked Assets

Currently, Adobe XD allows you to create a Design System but you’re unable share it with another Designer. This new feature called Fully Linked Assets allows you to do just that. I’m assuming we can now create one design file that acts as a single source of truth and can be updated across all other Adobe XD files created by other designers.


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