There is nothing that excites me more than a good Adobe Xd update. This one is extra special, because it has a feature which fixes a huge problem. The video above explains these features in detail.

My favourite feature in this update is the Plugins Panel. All my plugins are now organised in a dedicated panel one the left side. Not only is it organised, but it also includes the icons of each plugin, neat! Another cool addition is that every plugin which had a dropdown earlier, has a dropdown in the dedicated panel also. This ensures quick access to each plugin’s functions. Here is the plugins panel:

Moving forward, this update also includes more text formatting options, namely subscript and superscript. Both these options come in handy when we want to include an exponent or a degree sign. This is one of those features that will help us design more and focus on text formatting less. Here are the icons for subscript and superscript:

Another change that is introduced in this update, is more visual than functional. Now, when you prototype an artboard, rather than a heads up display (popup), there is now a fixed properties panel on the right which can be used to edit the transitions. Here is how it looks:

Other less used or known features include Jira 2.0 support and some common bug fixes.



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