In today’s video we will experiment with some Photoshop elements to make a 3D animation in Adobe Xd. Firstly we will create a energy drink can, then rotate it and revolve it in 3D Space! ( almost ). Since Adobe Xd doesn’t have any 3D features like support for the z-axis, we will work our way around this problem.

Here is the Photoshop file we will use:

After you download the PSD file, all you need to do is open it in Adobe Xd. Go to file > open from computer, and select the PSD file. After you do this, remove all the useless layers and just keep the can and the shine overlays.

For the next step we will take a cover image, like the Red Bull label. Further, insert it into a mask which we’ll simply make by drawing over the can. Using the pen tool for this step is a smart move.

Once all the above steps are done, we will use auto animate to make the animation come to life.

Here is the Xd file for your reference:


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